At Honor Coffee, we strive to demonstrate through actions - big and small - how we appreciate our guests and employees.

When you visit, we'll serve you with expertise, effort, and intention. It's our way to show we care about you and your experience at Honor Coffee. 


Making specialty coffee requires setting the stage for a wonderful human experience. Each of our locations is a comfortable place for meaningful conversation. A space where people can reflect and relationships can grow.

We know we are being successful when Constance comes by on a cold day for warm coffee and to banter with our baristas. When a young couple sit planning their honeymoon and walk out hand-in-hand. When Walter makes yet another friend. 


The perfect espresso is delicious and exotic. Making the perfect espresso means honoring the craft and respecting the process from the seed to the cup.

At Honor Coffee we serve 'Crown No. 1,' our own unique, lightly roasted blend of beans carefully sourced from Brazil, Ethiopia, and Papua New Guinea. Our baristas are professionals with the expertise and patience to make drinks of uniformly high quality.

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